Charities of the Month

There is some method to my madness in choosing the charities of the month. Take a look at the list on the left side of the blog. The three organizations listed are related to events in the month of Adar.

Nathan Weissler was our guest speaker last shabbat - the day we recited the prayer announcing the new month of Adar. Since he has Asperger Syndrome I thought it would be a good idea to recommend the official Asperger web site for further information and for an opportunity to contribute.

Adar is most known for the holiday of Purim. It is the only holiday which commemorates a historical event which occurred outside of the land of Israel. That curious fact reminds us that most of our 4,000 year history has been lived in the diaspora. Therefore it is important to highlight the work of one of the organizations that works with Jews and others around the world. The American Jewish World Service is most actively involved in Darfur now, but check their web site for their vision and their work.

Finally, the way that King Ahashverosh forced Queen Vashti to attend his party and the way he had a year-long beauty pageant to select a new queen, only highlights the treatment of women in the Bible. The demeaning of women has been condoned for centuries and has led to many cases of domestic abuse and violence. A local organization - the Jewish Coalition Against Domestic Abuse - has been working for many years to combat domestic abuse. Check out their web site for more information.