Honoring the Potoskys

We had a very lovely event in shul yesterday. Charlotte and Maury (Moish) Potosky, their children and grandchildren participated in the service in honor of their 58th wedding anniversary and Moish's 67th Bar Mitzvah anniversary! It was a very moving and poignant event because of how special the Potoskys are to our shul.

The portion yesterday - Acharei Mot-Kedoshim - is found in the middle of the Torah scroll. The rabbis said therefore that it is the most important section of all. That is curious. One might think that the first portion may be significant because it sets the stage for what's to come. Or perhaps the last portion would be important because it summarizes the significant concepts. But the rabbis say that the middle is most important because it provides the heart and soul. The outer layer isn't vital, the inner core provides the energy and nourishment. And that is how we can best describe the Potoskys. Moish is a past president of the shul, he attends morning minyan every day. Charlotte has always been active in Sisterhood chairing the Torah fund campaign and arranging beautiful kiddushes. They know how important the the behind the scenes work is and they provide a glowing example to what Shaare Tefila stands for - down to earth people who are willing to work for the betterment of the community.

The rabbis also say that the verse in the exact middle of the torah is "ve-ahavta le-rei-echa kamocha - you shall love your neighbor as you would be loved". We had an overflowing crowd yesterday of the Potoskys' family, friends, and members of the shul. They came because they love the Potoskys and recognize them for the sweet, caring people they are. 

We wish the Potoskys well and we look forward - as Charlotte is already planning! - to their 60th wedding anniversary celebration in shul two years from now!