Charity of the Month

The month of Tammuz begins Tuesday June 23 and it is known historically for the beginning of the end of Jerusalem. The 17th of Tammuz - a fast day - marks the Roman break through the walls of Jerusalem. Three weeks later, after ransacking the city, they destroyed the Temple.

The rabbis have said that the reason the Temple was destroyed - not military, political, or strategic - was "sinat chinam" (random hatred). Had the Jews loved one another and focused their lives on Jewish ideals then the Temple - and therefore Israel - would have been saved.

Whether we agree with this religious reasoning or not, the idea of "sinat chinam" is important in our lives. We just have to remember what happened at the US Holocaust Museum on Wednesday June 10 to see evidence of this. 

In order to remember the life of the security guard who was killed - Stephen Johns - and to support the Holocaust Museum and its work, I have listed two sites to support this month. Take a look on the left side and consider making a donation.