Charity of the Month - Cheshvan 5770

The month of Cheshvan is traditionally referred to by the rabbis as "mar Cheshvan" - bitter Cheshvan because there are no holidays in it. It is the only month of the Jewish year without any kind of historical event, fast day, or holiday which became marked for posterity on the calendar. Though the flood waters in the time of Noah both began and ended in Cheshvan, those dates were not deemed worthy of celebrating. Since Cheshvan occurs after the jam-packed month of Tishrei no one I know has complained! But the rabbis imagine Cheshvan as lonely and abandoned, expressing sadness for the lack of attention. Therefore, the charities I've chosen this month are organizations that help those who feel alone, or who need support. The Jewish Social Service Agency and The Jewish Council for the Aging both do tremendous work in those areas. Check out their web sites and consider supporting their work.