Gilad Schalit

You may have read about the march led by Gilad's Schalit's parents from their home up north near the Lebanon border to Jerusalem. Gilad Schalit of course is the Israeli soldier who was captured by hamas and has been held in Gaza just over 4 years. To commemorate the 4th anniversary of his captivity, his parents decided to walk to the Prime Minister's residence in Jerusalem and stay there until they see progress on his release.

Thousands joined them on their 11-day journey. They arrived in jerusalem last Thursday evening and on Friday school groups and adults were visiting the encampment. Organizers have petitions ready for visitors to sign to encourage Netanyahu to do something. I signed the petition.

I signed because I want to show my solidarity. I know that Netanyahu and the government are doing all they can behind the scenes to ensure his release. It is a Jewish concept to work for the release of captives - "pidyon shevuyim" and many in Israel are raising an outcry for him to do something. The problem of course is the balance between private, behind the scenes vs. public consumption.

At the beginning we could understand that the situation was sensitive - to say the least. But after 4 years the public - and his family - want to see some kind of progress on Gilad Schalit's behalf. The more we advocate, the more we talk about it, the more we write letters, the more pressure is put on others to help Israel garner his release. Let's keep Gilad Schalit's plight in the forefront of our thoughts and continue to pray and advocate for his release.