Peter Beinart's Peace Making - A Response by Daniel Gordis

This piece by Daniel Gordis highlights some flaws in Peter Beinart's challenge.


  1. I agree with Daniel Gordis.
    I wish to share with you a fable that my mother told me. Once upon a time a baby lamb was drinking water on a river bank. A wolf happened by and told the lamb that he will eat him; why? asked the lamb,because you insulted me last year. Impossible replied the lamb, I was not born yet replied the lamb. Well, said the wolf you are mudding my drinking water. Impossible replied the lamb, I am down river from you.
    Exasperated the wolf replied, I am going to eat you because I want to eat you.
    Peter Beinart ignores the many statements made by the Palestinian leaders of recent vintage from Arafat to Hezbollah, Hamas, Abu Abbas, and the rest. The Palestinians want to throw the Jews, that is the survivors of their genocide, to the Mediterranean.
    In this polemic Peter Beinart is the lamb and the Palestinians the wolfe.


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