Sell Your Chametz


         The main ritual of Passover preparation is ridding our homes of all grain and leavened products (chametz). To actually throw out our food would be wasteful. The rabbis 1500 years ago devised a legal fiction that would permit us to leave the food in our homes. By selling the chametz to someone not obligated to observe the holiday, we fulfill the commandment “do not have chametz in your possession.”

         In order to “sell” your chametz, complete the form below and return it to Rabbi Layman by Monday morning April 10, 2017. When “selling” our chametz, it is customary to make a donation called ma’ot chitim to enable those who are poor to celebrate Passover. All monies will be donated to MAZON: The Jewish Response to Hunger.
I (we) hereby authorize Rabbi Jonah Layman to serve as my (our) agent to sell my (our) chametz. I (we) understand that I (we) cannot touch the chametz in my (our) home from 10:00 AM Monday April 10, 2017 to 8:31 PM Tuesday April 18, 2017.




HEBREW NAME:____________________ son/daughter of____________

Enclosed is a donation of $________ made payable to MAZON