What is a Charrette?

Dictionary.com defines a charrette as "a final, intensive effort to finish a project, esp. an architectural design project, before a deadline". I am very pleased to report that our shul has arranged a charrette with our architecture/construction team: BGW Services and Hammond Construction.

The team is based in Utah and they haved worked on projects around the country. In fact their architects are some of the few who are licensed in all of the continental United States. They will begin their work with us on Thursday March 5 and part of the process will include attending our Shabbat morning service on March 7. They want to know what kind of community we are and they want to hear our thoughts and ideas about our new building. It may seem strange to have a meeting on shabbat, but it isn't really business oriented. They won't be taking notes - they just want to meet us and hear from us.

On Tuesday March 10 at the conclusion of their visit they will have a preliminary design to present to the Congregation's board of trustees. If approved the team will then work to put that design into action. When they have the blueprints they will also have a definite price which we as a congregation will review and approve at our April congregation meeting.

It is exciting to get back to work. Given our nomad status, and the current economic environment, it is exciting to know that we can actually design and build a building. We have great ideas for our new synagogue and we look forward to working with you to ensure our success in Olney!