My Rosh Hashanah Sermons

As Rosh Hashnah has past I wanted to share my sermons with you. On the first day I spoke about our role in caring for the environment. I used texts that I learned from Dr. Micha Goodman at the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem this past summer. He taught about sovereignty and ownership of the Land of Israel and I generalized from that on our ownership of the world. Click here to read the sermon.

On the second day I spoke about a spiritual experience I had while leading the Shaare Tefila Israel trip. The guide stopped the bus on the way to the desert town of Arad. It was close to sunset and he wanted us to view it and then have 20 minutes of solitude. Though I was first anxious about that, it turned out to be very moving and meaningful for me. Click here to read a summary of that extemporaneous talk.

Shanah Tovah!